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Valentine's Day brings on new insurable moments

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, with a catch... we are also dealing with COVID. This means that millions of Americans are probably scrambling to find the best creative activity to do at home, ordering from a local restaurant, deciding on the perfect romantic gift, and, quite possibly, preparing to pop the big question.

However, studies have shown that Valentine Proposals don’t last through the tough trial of time. Kind of a Double-edged sword isn’t it? Well regardless of whether or not you drop on one knee and pull out that shiny ring, the insurance landscape of you and your loved one can change. Insurance is important for you and your loved one. “Getting married...can often be one of the most financially significant--and complicated--times in a person’s life”--Melanie Musson, Insurance Expert. There are many types of Insurances to consider as your life changes, from insuring your new jewelry, the big day, or maybe even that house you've had your eye on. For more information, visit this link:​ Valentines Day 2020 and Insurance Options “I suggest you get...[Insurance] quotes,” Says certified financial analyst Christina Lynn.

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