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Business Insurance

Every business is unique.  As your partner, we'll explore what coverages  are best for your business to create a portfolio offering you the best coverage available.

BOP policies are very common for small businesses.  Carriers package together General Liability and Property coverage along with other popular useful coverages like, equipment breakdown and business income interruption

Commercial General Liability (CGL) protects you, your business and your employees from claims involving bodily injury or property damage from your business operations.

Professional services provided in exchange for a fee (i.e. your advice is worth something)

Chances are your business uses the internet in some fashion.  Consider Cyber Liability for data breach, malicious software and ransomware attacks

Protection for any building, contents, or other property rented or owned by your business

Coverage for the vehicles registered to your company

Extends your business liability coverage.  Most commonly limits range from $1 - 5 Million

Taking care of your employees helps our business run smoothly.  We can help navigate State requirements for Workers Compensation and Disability/Paid Family Leave, plus additional benefits you may want to offer

Protection from the alleged negligent acts of the decision makers in non-profits and corporations.

Business Insurance: Information
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